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Saving Your Home: Facts Vs. Fear

Those facing foreclosure often have many questions and may feel as though there is nowhere to turn for answers. Since 1979, we at The Law Offices of Elkins & Freedman have provided clients in Florida with answers to questions such as "Is there any way to keep my home?" "Can I stop a foreclosure sale?" and "Can bankruptcy help me avoid foreclosure?" Our Boca Raton-area foreclosure defense attorneys serve clients throughout South and Central Florida, and we have many other locations across the region.

Can Bankruptcy Help Me Avoid Foreclosure?

We have handled more than 15,000 bankruptcy cases, including many that involved foreclosure and other related debt relief issues. The vast knowledge and time-tested skills that we have accumulated in these cases allow us to serve as effective advocates and to offer you the trusted counsel you need. We provide you with all the information you need to make sound decisions about your situation, including:

  • The automatic stay: Once you file for bankruptcy, this legal tool goes into effect and halts all collection efforts, creditor contact and foreclosure efforts. They cannot resume unless creditors obtain the permission of the court.
  • Time to catch up: Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides you with a way to become current on your payments and establish a plan to pay off mortgage debt in the future.
  • Is your house worth the fight? For many people, staying in their homes is the most important thing to consider in a bankruptcy case. Others may be less attached to their house, and would prefer to free themselves from the stress and financial obligations their house represents. Whether you want to stay in your home or move somewhere else, we take the time to fully understand your goals with regard to your home and provide you with advice about the best course of action to meet those goals

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