Trucking/Commercial Vehicle Collisions On Highways

South Florida highways are filled with commercial vehicles, semitrucks, 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers traveling across the country. Compared to other motor vehicles, commercial vehicles are often at least twice the size and weigh significantly more. In a collision, it is most often the driver and passengers of the motor vehicle who suffer serious injuries from an impact with a larger vehicle.

At Elkins & Freedman, we represent people who have been seriously injured in trucking accidents and other motor vehicle accidents throughout South Florida. We have office locations across the state in areas such as Palm Beach County, Orlando, Celebration and more. If you value working with accident attorneys who care about your case, choose Elkins & Freedman.

Trucking Injury Claims

Commercial vehicle collisions can cause life-altering injuries or even fatalities. At Elkins & Freedman, you get a highly experienced team of attorneys working on your case. We handle serious injury claims involving traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries, head trauma, back injuries and more.

Common Causes Of Trucking Accidents

Truck drivers are on the road for long hours. There are specific rules regarding the number of hours a driver can be on the road, the size of the truck load and more. Unfortunately, drivers often find ways around these rules and avoid safety checks. Common causes of truck accidents in Florida include:

  • Fatigue
  • Prescription drug and alcohol abuse
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Tire bursts and engine failure

You need an experienced truck accident attorney to investigate the details of your situation right after the accident. The sooner we can get to the accident scene, gather evidence and get information from the truck's "black box," the sooner we can create an effective strategy for your injury claim. We will fight to ensure you are justly compensated.

Discuss Your Trucking Accident With An Experienced Lawyer

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