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Whether spousal support (sometimes called alimony or spousal maintenance) should be awarded — and if so, how much for how long — is a serious point of dispute for many couples who divorce in South Florida. Finding the right approach to this issue requires counsel from an attorney with in-depth knowledge of the law and how it is applied in Broward County and Palm Beach County courts and throughout Central and South Florida. Guidelines for determining alimony payments are more fluid and subjective than they are for child support. However, there are certain predictable elements that courts may take into consideration to reach a reasonable settlement.

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Our lawyers have guided more than 10,000 people through the Florida divorce process, handling many intensely disputed and financially complex cases along the way.

At our law firm, you will benefit from personal attention from an attorney who recognizes all you have on the line and knows how to advocate effectively for a favorable outcome. In addition to divorce representation, we help many people pursue justified post-divorce modifications of alimony and other orders.

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