Child Custody Modifications In Orlando And South Florida

Ensuring Appropriate Support Over Time

Have your financial circumstances or your children's needs changed substantially since your divorce? Do you believe these changes justify a change in child support, custody or other orders? The risks of waiting to take action are very serious in such situations. It is essential to speak with a knowledgeable Boca Raton lawyer for child custody modification as soon as possible.

Reliable Counsel And Efficient Action For Post-Divorce Modifications

At The Law Offices of Elkins & Freedman, we have helped many people navigate the legal steps necessary to modify child support orders after divorce. Since 1979, we have been treating people facing difficult family law problems just as we would want to be treated. This includes emphasizing constant responsiveness, accessibility and affordability. For a free consultation to discuss your post-divorce concerns, call or email us now.

Child Support And Custody Modifications

Our dedicated, personable Boca Raton child custody modification attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the standards courts throughout Florida apply when evaluating petitions for modifications. You can count on clear, accurate guidance on matters including:

  • A child support modification made necessary by an unavoidable job loss, job change or other financial hardship — or an upward adjustment based on improved financial circumstances or children's emerging special needs
  • A modification of child custody and/or time sharing due to any of a range of significant changes in family circumstances, including one parent's inability to care for children
  • Complex issues associated with relocation of minor children, whether you are a parent in need of the court's approval to move or a parent who wants to prevent such a move

Get Post-Decree Legal Guidance You Can Trust

We offer free initial consultations at convenient locations throughout Central and South Florida, including offices in Boca Raton and Orlando. Your post-divorce modifications lawyer will hear you out, carefully analyze your unique situation and explain your rights under Florida law. For the guidance and representation you need, call 800-992-1277 or contact us online now.