Tips for parents in Florida: How to tell children about divorce

There are several strategies parents should use before they tell their children about their divorce and during the conversation.

When parents in Florida divorce, one of their biggest concerns is often how their children will be affected by their decision to end their marriage. While parents may still be worried about determining child custody arrangements, there are several things they can do to help their children cope with the news of their impending divorce before, during and after the conversation.

Preparing for the conversation

According to The Huffington Post, divorcing parents should work together to write a script that outlines exactly what they will tell their children before they tell them the news. Then, parents should pick a time to disclose this information to their children that is free from distractions and does not conflict with important dates. For example, parents should refrain from telling their children about their divorce the day before one of their children's birthdays.

During the conversation

Once parents initiate this important conversation with their children, The Huffington Post states that parents should try and focus on how things at home will stay similar to how they already are and emphasize the positives of their upcoming divorce. For instance, parents should remind their children that they still have two people that love them in their lives.

Additionally, parents should make the choice to end their marriage appear as a joint decision, avoid blaming their spouse for any events that might have contributed to the decision to divorce and remember that their children becoming emotional is normal and to be expected.

Helping children cope

Once parents tell their children that they will be getting a divorce and the divorce process has begun, there are several things parents should to protect their children's best interests and ultimately ensure that the process is as undramatic as possible. According to WebMD, divorcing parents should:

  • Find a close friend or therapist to confide in about their financial concerns or difficulties with their future ex-spouse instead of their children
  • Avoid speaking negatively about their former partner in front of their children
  • Refrain from introducing major changes into their children's lives for as long as possible and attempt to keep family routines the same
  • Encourage their children to maintain the relationship they have with their other parent
  • Continue to practice firm and consistent parenting strategies

During the divorce process, parents in Florida may also benefit from working with an attorney who can provide legal guidance and direction in the wake of a potentially contentious child custody battle. If you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, speak with an attorney to find out what legal steps you can take to protect the best interests of your children.

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