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Prioritizing Children's Best Interests

Where children will live and how they will divide their time are the greatest concerns for many mothers and fathers facing divorce. At Elkins & Freedman, we will help you understand your rights and explore all realistic options related to custody and visitation. We keep you focused on your children's best interests, since that is what is most important and will be the clear priority of the Florida court that issues orders in your case.

Our Boca Raton parental rights lawyers are committed to helping clients throughout Florida establish viable goals for custody and parenting time and the best strategy for achieving them through negotiation, mediation or litigation. In terms of child support, our lawyers will explain the guidelines, address any special considerations, and help you accurately project what you will pay or receive. In all cases, we aim to protect both mothers' rights and fathers' rights, and help you establish a situation that will help you and your children move forward with your lives after a divorce.

Practical Solutions For Emotional Issues

The attorneys at our law firm have advised and advocated for more than 10,000 clients coping with Florida divorce. We also frequently help men and women assert their rights and protect their interests through post-divorce modifications in situations involving a substantial change in circumstances. Our practical, nonjudgmental family lawyers also help unmarried parents resolve issues associated with parental rights related to paternity, custody, time sharing and financial support.

We help you understand all of the issues that can impact your case, including the fact that:

  • Mothers and fathers have equal rights under the law, but many factors must be evaluated in setting realistic, achievable objectives for custody and time sharing.
  • Custody rights will be formally established by an order for residential custody. This will determine where children will live, and whether input on key decisions regarding children's upbringing will be shared between the parents.
  • Under all but extreme circumstances, formalizing parental rights and obligations through a mutually acceptable custody agreement and parenting plan is a far better solution than engaging in a costly, stressful dispute and putting these decisions in the hands of the court.

Access A Practical Voice In A Turbulent Time

We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation focused on the most important issues for you. We offer evening and weekend appointments and manageable payment plans to help ensure our services are manageable and affordable for you. Please call 800-992-1277 or reach out to us online today. We have six convenient locations, including offices in Orlando and Boca Raton.