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Establishing The Prerequisite For Parental Rights

Paternity matters — where a legal determination is made regarding the identity of a child's biological father — are vital to the processes of assessing child support payments, and establishing custody and visitation rights. As such, they carry high stakes for all parties involved and should only be handled by experienced advocates who have an in-depth understanding of Florida family law.

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At The Law Offices of Elkins & Freedman, our skilled lawyers have protected the interests of our clients since 1979. We have handled more than 10,000 family law cases, including many complex paternity matters that we were able to resolve favorably for the mothers and fathers who have retained our services.

We will pick up the phone when you call or get back to you promptly; as a part of our commitment to providing excellent legal services, we strive to be as accessible and responsive as possible.

Verifying Paternity In Florida

In Florida, paternity is established in four different ways:

  1. Both parents sign a legal document known as an acknowledgement of paternity.
  2. DNA tests establish the identity of the father.
  3. A court order declares paternity.
  4. After the two unmarried parents get married, they may update the birth record to definitively establish paternity.

In any of these situations, we provide the thoughtful guidance and straightforward advice that our clients deserve. From drafting and negotiating all documents related to paternity agreements to advocating for our clients in court, we ensure that our clients always have an experienced advocate protecting their interests.

At all times, we will fight for your interests while helping you remain focused on what matters most — the best interests of the children affected by the dispute.

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