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Are You Up For Long-Distance Parenting?

Life after a Florida divorce with children can present many challenges and tough decisions. Among the most complex is a custodial parent's desire to move away with a child, far enough that this move may disrupt the other parent's rights to time sharing and sustained contact. Whether you are considering moving with children or seeking to prevent the other parent from making such a move, you need dependable legal information and guidance from a Boca Raton attorney for child relocation to help defend your rights.

Resolving Conflicts Amicably If Possible, Aggressively If Needed

At Elkins & Freedman, a child relocation lawyer with experience handling all types of parental disputes in Boca Raton, Orlando, and surrounding communities will thoroughly analyze your situation. We understand the pressures our clients face and dedicate our efforts to resolving divorce and family law problems as amicably and affordably as possible. However, we are also dedicated to skilled, aggressive protection of your most important relationships by whatever legal means necessary.

Weighing The Consequences Of A Move

It is critical to recognize that judges in Florida family courts focus primarily on serving children's best interests in relocation and removal proceedings. A parent's desire to move for his or her own convenience or other personal goals is not sufficient if the other objects. There is a specific, detailed Florida statute covering parent and child relocation when court orders are in place. Key considerations in your case may include:

  • Whether the proposed move-away — often for purposes of employment, education or proximity to other family members — is supported by sound reasons and likely to be beneficial for children
  • Whether the mother and father can communicate effectively and come to an agreement on a plan that keeps both of them involved in children's lives
  • What modifications to other orders are appropriate and justified if distance from children will make time sharing more challenging and costly

Seek Court Approval Before A Move. Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Options.

Moving children without the appropriate court's approval can lead to the parent being held in contempt and ordered to return. Criminal charges are also possible. On the other hand, the decision to contest a relocation petition must be made in a timely fashion and with solid grounds. To discuss your specific circumstances and the best strategy for you, schedule a free consultation with an attorney in Orlando or at one of our five other South or Central Florida offices today.