Parenting Plans In Orlando And South Florida

Laying The Foundation For Parental Cooperation

Under a Florida law passed in 2008, every couple who divorces with minor children must enter into a parenting plan approved by the court. Although terms such as custody and visitation are still sometimes used in discussion, your parenting plan will be the groundwork for how children will divide their time between you and your ex-spouse, how responsibilities are shared and other key concerns.

At The Law Offices of Elkins & Freedman, a Boca Raton attorney for parenting plans can help you reach agreements on custody, time sharing and other divorce-related issues. While equipped to handle the most adversarial divorce cases, we are especially adept at finding strategies to establish fair parenting plans while minimizing stress and costs.

Creating And Negotiating Fair, Workable Parenting Plans

A parenting plan lawyer at our firm will hear you out and gain a clear understanding of what issues are most important to you and your kids. Your unique situation may call for a basic, long-distance, safety-focused or highly structured parenting plan, and attorneys at our firm have in-depth familiarity with all of these.

We will assist you in creating a parenting plan aligned with your key goals, addressing issues such as:

  • Specific guidelines establishing when each child will spend time with each parent, including arrangements for vacations and holidays
  • How decision-making authority and practical responsibilities for schooling, health care, religious upbringing, and other matters will be allocated or shared
  • Special stipulations arising from either or both parents' concerns about the behavior or judgment of the other when with the children

Discuss Your Concerns With A Lawyer

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