Common Causes Of Slip-And-Falls In South Florida

It's an unfortunate reality that slip-, trip-and-fall accidents happen all too often. These injuries can be debilitating and cause long-term injuries. If you have suffered an injury from a fall, you need a strong legal advocate and someone who will help secure the benefits and compensation you deserve.

You can turn to Elkins & Freedman for experienced legal representation. We have offices throughout South Florida in areas such as Palm Beach County, Orlando and more. We are veterans in the courtroom and have handled many different personal injury and premises liability claims.

Five Common Causes Of Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Any negligent act can cause an accident, but slip-and-falls are most frequently caused by:

  • 1) Water spills: Neglecting to clean up even a minor spill can leave floors slippery and dangerous.
  • 2) Broken or defective equipment: If a property owner does not remove defective equipment and others are unaware of it, it can cause serious injuries. This includes defective handrails, ramps and more.
  • 3) Inadequate lighting: Inadequate lighting in parking lots, parking ramps and stores can cause individuals to trip on unidentified objects, slip or fall.
  • 4) Improperly stacked equipment: Leaving employee equipment in the wrong place or inadequately stacked/stored can cause serious injuries.
  • 5) Potholes and walkway defects: Unleveled sidewalks, potholes in parking lots, potholes on the road and defects in walkways can easily cause an individual to trip-and-fall.

You fall, you call Elkins & Freedman to learn about your rights and how our attorneys will fight on your behalf. Visit our slip-and-fall FAQ for more information.

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