Slip-And-Fall/Trip-And-Fall Accidents

Anyone can slip- or trip-and-fall on dangerous property. These accidents are totally unexpected, and often, the injuries suffered seriously disrupt a person's life and create overwhelming medical bills. In some cases, consequences are permanently disabling.

Find Out If Your Case Justifies A Lawsuit

Did you fall in a store or restaurant and suffer a broken wrist or a knee, ankle or back injury? Did a family member's unavoidable slip or trip cause a concussion or joint injuries? A well-prepared premises liability lawsuit may be the only way for you to get the money you need for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. Fast action to get qualified legal counsel from a Boca Raton attorney for slip-and-fall accidents is essential.

Attorneys at The Law Offices of Elkins & Freedman have been asserting the rights of people in Orlando and throughout South and Central Florida for more than 30 years. Whatever your case demands in terms of investigation to prove who was at fault, negotiation or trial work, you will have a dynamic and trustworthy legal team on your side.

Representation For A Range Of Dangerous Property Injuries

We are here to offer our clients caring guidance and take decisive action after any serious trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall accident such as those arising from:

  • A fall caused by a spill of liquid or any slippery substance that should have been cleaned up or posted with warnings
  • A fall on broken stairs, due to the absence of an adequate railing, or due to other unsafe conditions such as inadequate lighting
  • Falls caused by a range of other unsafe conditions in a big-box store such as Walmart, a grocery store, or any other retail or commercial location

Our Firm Will Fight For Maximum Compensation

Whether you were injured in Pompano Beach, Margate or Coral Springs, a trip-and-fall lawyer at our firm will take you seriously. We welcome people from all cultural backgrounds and all levels of economic status, exerting a total effort to win justice and financial damages that help you move forward in life.

For a free consultation after a fall or other injury-causing accident, call 800-992-1277 right now. You will pay no attorney fees at all unless we take on your case and recover financial compensation for you.