Injuries From Faulty Stairways And Handrails

One small crack in a stairway or a loose, unsturdy handrail can cause a person to fall and become seriously injured. If you have fallen on public property because the owner has failed to maintain it, you may have a strong premises liability claim. At Elkins & Freedman, we can review your situation and determine if you have a strong claim.

Serving the entire South Florida area, Elkins & Freedman has a solid reputation. Our attorneys offer years of experience handling personal injury, slip-, trip-and-falls claims. We have seven office locations in Palm Beach Gardens/Palm Beach County, Orlando and other areas.

Lawyers For Serious Injuries From Falls On Faulty Stairways And Handrails

Our attorneys handle injury cases from:

  • Faulty stairways and handrails
    • Injuries from dangerous handrails
  • Falls on steps that have cracks
  • Falls in parking lot steps
  • Injuries from dangerous handrails

At Elkins & Freedman, We Work On Your Team

We understand what difficulties you are facing and want you to get started down the path to recovery. Our experienced lawyers will handle the legal issues of your claim and guide you through each step of the process. We will help fight to get you every dollar you deserve so you are not left with dealing with medical bills and fees associated with your injuries.

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